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Past Times With Good Company is a nonprofit, tax-exempt, educational corporation, whose touring troupe uses "living history" techniques to re-create the ambiance and people of many different times and cultures, all in meticulously authentic costume and completely in character. Their hallmarks are historical accuracy, lively entertainments, and an infectious enthusiasm for their subject.

Drawing on the talents of historical enthusiasts from all over the world, they can re-create almost any time period and culture with great authenticity. Spirited performances of music and dance, derived from period sources, are combined with both scripted and improvisational theater, authentic handcrafts, swordplay and equestrian arts to bring the people of past times to life.

At home in Los Angeles, they have re-created cultures as diverse as the Nomads of Eurasia, the Court of Henry VIII (both for the Natural History Museum), Classical Rome (for the University of Southern California), and Renaissance Italy (for The Reserve and for the Columbus Quincentennial). For several years they provided the period performers and historical atmosphere for the annual gala fundraising balls of the Music Center's Los Angeles Master Chorale, including a Victorian Romance Ball (circa 1845), a Viennese Romance Ball (circa 1815), and a Magical Madrigal Ball, and have performed for a host of other private, corporate, charitable and public groups' functions, including the U.S. Air Force, Sam Wanamaker's Shakespeare Globe Theatre project, TGIF Productions, Mystery Club, WINGS, Daybreak, Cafe Cordiale, and The Application Group, as well as for many schools and private parties.

Past Times people have the resources to consult and assist on every aspect of creating a completely authentic period atmosphere: not just the visual/physical surroundings but everything you could want: sounds, foods, language, artifacts, equipment and craft skills. The touring troupe was specifically set up for mobile performing, so that everything -- from great harp and other reproduction instruments to spinning wheels to pavilions to arms and armor -- can fold down, pack up and get on a plane.

Instructors in the Theory and Practice of Living History, and in specific performance skills and resources, are also available to travel and teach.

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