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Britain's Reactions
to Past Times With Good Company

"They captivated their audience...Children and adults were enthralled..."
      -Eastern Daily Press

"Visitors... could have been forgiven if they thought they had been transported back in time... History had come alive...they think, talk and dress right down to their 'underpinnings' exactly as the characters they recreate would have done."
      -The Southern Reporter

"For a short while a group of travelling players are re-enacting the year of the Armada right down to the finest detail... They don't just mock up a slice of history [this is] something particularly different."
      -Borders Television, Evening News

"The troupe fascinated over 1000 visitors during their day-long stay at Haddon. Sixteenth-century life at Haddon Hall was recreated to the finest detail... costumes and props are meticulously accurate." "Using 16th-century language, they demonstrated authentic crafts from the past such as needlework, woodcarving and armor-making. And there was even time for a spot of Elizabethan-style entertainment with a gentle song and dance display."
      -Matlock Mercury

"Armada England brought to life...successfully cast the spell"
      -Historic House News, magazine of the Historic Houses Association

"Hundreds of visitors were enthralled by the troupe's spirited performances, demonstrations and commentary in authentic Elizabethan language."
      -West Somerset Free Press

"A Tudor spectacular!"
      -Daventry WeekZy Express

"I wanted to give you 'Ten Easy Ways to Spot a Counterfeit Queen Elizabeth' but since Linda's natural West Coast drawl changes at will to the sort of accent Henry V would have taught his Kate and her blackwork bodice rivals the portraits for elegance, only the production of a passport would be proof."
      -Nimrod, Journal of the Heritage Education Trust

"We all thought that you put on the most wonderful show and it was very much appreciated by everyone. Your costumes were superb and it has been very well reported in the local papers. I am sure you have had continuing successes throughout your whole trip to the UK, but we believe it will be quite difficult for you to have anything more successful than the one day you had with us... I really meant it when I said we hoped you would return...thanks for a very happy 36 hours."
      -W.A.C. Theed
      (then High Sheriff of Somerset)
      Combe Sydenham Country Park

"It's marvelous to think that you hope to come to England again soon and I do hope that Holdenby will be lucky enough to be chosen as a venue."
      -S. Park, Administrator, Holdenby House Gardens

"...[T]hank you all very much for the most interesting and entertaining days you gave us last August. It turned out to be a most popular event and many people who missed seeing you have asked me if you are likely to return..."
      -(Mrs.) Peter Maxwell Stuart, Traquair House

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