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1998 U.K. tour press release:

Elizabethan Performers from America? Verily!

"Past Times With Good Company" is a touring troupe using living history techniques to re-create the ambience of Britain in centuries past. The American-based group will bring the Sixteenth Century to life throughout England this summer with courtiers and commonfolk, artisans and actors, musicians, singer, dancers and broadsward fighters. The group will "inhabit" several historic properties, demonstrating authentic handcrafts and pastimes of the period for visitors. Three evening events are also planned. "Past Times With Good Company" is a non-profit educational corporation whose performers have donated their time to this project. They are capable of re-creating almost any facet of the rich tapestry of medieval and renaissance life. Their hallmarks are historical accuracy, lively entertainment, and an infectious enthusiasm for their subject. Drawing on the talents of historical enthusiasts from all over the world, the group illuminates history with meticulously authentic clothing and demeanor. Spirited performances of music and dance, derived from period sources, are combined with both scripted and improvisational theater. As one performer comments, "We are much more ambassadors 'from' the Sixteenth Century than we are 'from' the U.S.!"

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